George and Annie Buford
George Washington Buford and Annie

The Buford House, named after George Washington Buford, the original owner and builder of the adobe house that dates back to 1880. They were a prominent and influential family in Tombstone as George was a successful mining executive. So he built the house to be one of the finest in the early history of Tombstone.

The Buford family lived in the house from 1880 until they left Tombstone in 1888. Mrs Annie Buford gave birth to many children while occupying the house, unfortunately at least three of the children died at the Buford House at early ages from Diphtheria, Whooping Cough and other menacing diseases of the era.

The house has had many different owners over its long history. Sometimes the house was lived in as a private residence and many times it was run as a boarding house or bed and breakfast. In the 1880's the upstairs was one large room divided into smaller rooms using canvas walls. George Daves was the most infamous boarder during the 1880's (see Ghosts link). One hundred years later the house became a bed and breakfast run by Reagan White House Staffer Brenda Reager. After twenty years Ms Reager sold the house to the Allens who also ran the house as a B & B.

The Buford House
113 E Safford Street
Tombstone, AZ 85638