A Haunting In The Desert 2017 - Attendees enjoyed a weekend of paranormal lectures and paranormal investigations at the Buford House, Saloon Theater, Cafe Margaritas, King Solomon Masonic Lodge, and Charleston ghost town! Our specials guests this year were: John Zaffis, Brian Cano and Beth Ezzo from Haunted Collector as well as Britt Griffith from Ghost Hunters and author and pendulum dowser Dan Baldwin!



Buford House investigation led by John Zaffis and Brian Cano from Haunted Collector.


Group photo of attendees, special guests and hosts on final day of A Haunting in the Desert taken in front of the Buford House.


Buford house owner Catherine Farrell and special guest John Zaffis on final day of A Haunting in the Desert.


Buford house owners Catherine Farrell and John Goodspeed with Beth Ezzo from Haunted Collector.


Brian Cano from Haunted Collector with some of the attendees this year.


Britt Griffith from Ghost Hunters with John Goodspeed.


Brian Cano (Haunted Collector), Rhonda and Dwight Hull (paranormal investigators and the hosts of this event) and Dan Baldwin (pendulum dowser and author) in the Buford House parlor.


Catherine Farrell and Britt Griffith from Ghost Hunters.


The Buford House
113 E Safford Street
Tombstone, AZ 85638